Found something that's not yours?


Do you have any lost property?

Found items in London or Brighton areas? We can store it, register it with other agencies and help get it back to the owner!


We will act as you agent in fulfilling your lawful obligation with finding lost property I.e. we will take all reasonable steps to:


  • Trace the owner for you.

  • Keep the lost property safely and securely as if it was our own.

  • Restore the lost property as soon as is possible to the lawful owner if we can.


We Can Help You Trace the Owner


Finders of lost property 'MUST make all reasonable effort to trace the loser'.  (See our Finders Guide for guidance on the law regarding finding lost property).


We can help you fulfil your lawful obligation, by trying to trace the lawful owner for you. We can also liaise with the owner on your behalf. If the owner is reunited with their lost item. You could also collect a reward from us. 


So peace of mind and safe in the knowledge that the professionals have in it hand and of course, knowing that you've done the right thing. After all, it's what we would all want if we lose something dear to us.

Collection and Postage of Your Found Items


We can collect the lost item you have found from both Brighton and London.


We post to UK only


Please contact us via email first for a postage quote. We also provide a next day working day courier service. Price request via email.


We will come to you and take possession of the item relieving you of the responsibility that comes with having somebody else's property. You will get a receipt for the item.

Receive a Reward


  • I you find some property, and hand possession of it to us, you could receive a reward for your time and effort, not to mention honesty.  


  • In order to keep our costs down for the unfortunate loser we pay one fee per incident. For example if you find a rucksack full of items there will be one reward paid once it is restored to the lawful owner.


  • If the owner is reunited with their lost item, we will ensure that you get your finders reward from us, and anything extra the happy owner wishes to send your way. Remember, we are the only company that offer a reward to the finder as standard.


  • As a gesture of thanks the loser may wish to pass on an additional reward to you, which we would facilitate free of charge.


  • We will never give out your personal details to a loser.


  • At the time of registering the item as 'Found' you can opt to have a cheque sent to you for the sum or you can donate it to one of our worthwhile nominated charities.

Bank Your Rewards


You can also 'Bank' your rewards which means that if you find other items over time you can have all the rewards paid to you at once, a type of saving if you like. Contact us via email for details of all options if you require.


Claim an Item You Have Found


If after a reasonable amount of time and effort we can not trace the lawful owner then you may have the right to claim the item as your own.


We can help with this claim to. Once successful you would then have to pay the same fees a loser would, to cover costs of £25.00 but you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you have been supported in a lawful claim.

Before You Register


Terms of Business

Please note our Terms of Business


Finders Guide

You may wish to read our Finders Guide for guidance on the law regarding finding lost property.


Are You a Business?

If you are a business with found items rather than an individual please go to our Services for Business page.

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