lost phone on train
Left your phone on the train?


Report Your Lost Property With Us

Have you lost something valuable or sentimental to you in London or Brighton areas?

Whether it was lost on the street, on the transport network, in a club or somewhere unknown, we will search our databases of reported found property to try and locate it.


If your item has a serial number such as a mobile phone we will also search external property databases. If the item is not on one of these databases then we will add the properties details, increasing the chance of reuniting it with the owner.


We will contact the venue where you believe you may have lost it on your behalf to register the loss and handle all correspondence.


There is no fee for just registering your lost property. You only pay a fee if we can successfully return your lost item to you.


If your item is found we will re-unite you with it.


We offer a full returns service to all our customers at the standard low fee of £25.00 per loss. We can deliver to you by courier with a wide range of delivery services on offer.

Register Your Lost Property for Free


No Charge for Registering a Lost Item

Unlike some other companies we don't charge you for registering an item lost with us. Where's the service in that after all. Also it's been stressful enough for you already hasn't it?


While other companies charge up to £3:95 just to report the item LOST, we offer this registration service for free, and we get straight into trying to trace your items immediately. No other company offers this service before you even pay a penny.


Just fill out the Register My Lost Property form and we will do the rest. How does that sound? Great eh.


Let Us Do the Searching for You


Searching Lost Property Data Bases

If you register a lost item with us, we will immediately start searching for it. We won't delay. If your item doesn't show up within a month we will keep your case open. After all it could take some time before the honest member of the public who has it gets around to handing it to us.


Also, just incase one day you are hoovering under the couch and you find that missing watch of yours, please let us know so we can stop looking and close the case and mark as complete.


Once we have details of your item we search our data bases of unclaimed lost property. If we haven't already struck gold then we will then search other companies data bases for items such as electricals. Once you have registered your property as lost with us, we check our data bases of unclaimed property. We also check items suck as electricals with external data bases of unclaimed property.


Man loses wallet
Can't find your wallet?

Contacting Venues

If you have been able to provide us with a venue for the loss then we will contact them on your behalf and work closely with the staff to try to trace your item.


We may even visit the venue if we think this will help. This will also save you have to answer the same old questions time and again if you need to speak to multiple venues or different staff members.


If you are unsure of the venue then we can sweep the area. We will contact all venues that you believe you may have been at or any who we think may have had the item handed to them if it was lost on the street for instance. We can also contact our our client venues if we have a rough location of where the item went missing.

Going the Extra Mile to Find Your Lost Property

If the item still hasn't surfaced then we will keep looking and checking the details to any property we get handed for 4 weeks.


It doesn't end there. Your case will never be closed. We will always be available to answer any questions you may have after that period. After all, it could take time for the honest finder to get around to handing the item in couldn't it.


If you register your lost property with us, all of these services for free!

Our Full Returns Service


Unlike other businesses who charge losers a percentage of the items value for its return, we have decided to have a standard charge to cover our services.


After all, why should you loser your fancy new iphine6 and get charged more than somebody who loses their tired looking iPhone3 while getting the exact same service. Madness right?


Some of you who have your phone insured may still have to pay an excess charge with your insurer to have your phone replaced, often with a refurbished handset. Some insurers charge £79 for this service. If we find your phone, we will charge just £25.00 for you to have it delivered straight back to you including all your contacts, photos and other memories. Bargain!


We offer a full returns service to all our customers at the standard low fee of £25.00 per loss.


Our Full Returns Service Includes:

  • Liaising with other agencies,

  • Searching data bases,

  • Entering lost reports on external data bases at our expense if necessary.

  • Contacting businesses to try to locate the property,

  • Safely and securely packaging and logging the item.

  • Collecting the item by courier.

  • Storing the item and posting it standard post to uk mainland back to you.


All this for a standard fee of £25.00  Hard to believe isn't it?


You only pay a fee if we can successfully return your lost item to you. 


Returning Your Items

If the item is found on a property data base we will contact you to arrange restoring it to you.


If the item is found at a venue we will send a courier to collect it. Once the item is in our possession we take note of its condition, securely and safely package it and record it.


We then give a receipt to the finder with our terms of business. We then store it and contact you to restore the item. The item is fully insured from the moment we take possession of it.


We can either arrange to post the item back to you or use our courier service. We offer a wide range of postal and courier options.


Repatriation Fee

Upon repatriation we charge our standard fee of £25.00. This covers storage, courier collection, insurance and administration costs. The fee also includes a reward which is paid directly to the finder. 


As a gesture of thanks/expression of gratitude?, you may wish to pass on an additional reward to the finder.  You are not in any way obliged to do so, but if you did wish to pass on an additional reward, we would facilitate this.


Free Standard Postage

Free standard postage included in the fee.


Please note: If you wanted to arrange for the item to be couriered to you or posted anywhere else or if the item does not fall into standard size or weight then there will be additional cost added.


If you require any special postage requirements such as recorded delivery or next day delivery please contact us first for a postage quote.


Value for Money

Like every great online business we aim to provide a professional trustworthy, value for money service.


We are always looking to save the customer money and the obvious way to do this, like most eBay shops for example is to have no public access premises. It's the best way to drive down costs which of course is super handy for you.


So we have replaced this with a swift and smart postal service and a courier service too for that personal touch. You lose something. We find it and deliver it back to your door. Perfection all round right?

Before Registering Your Lost Property


Terms of Business

Please note our Terms of Business.


Guide on Lost Property Law

You may wish to read our guide on Lost Property Law.

Register an Item You Have Lost


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