We Offer a Membership Service


Why not take advantage of our great membership offers to help spread costs or to make savings on fees.


How Do Membership Credits work?

And there's more. Sign up before you lose an item and you can pass your credits to family and friends. Yes you can share the love. Well, share your credits anyway. You just need to email us their name and we will pass their credit to them if they mention the deal before we post the item.


It's something that everybody should have. No more paying £79 excess fee to your phone insurer to get one of their refurbished handsets in 5 days. Get your own handset, photos, text and contacts returned, and everything else hassle free as soon as you want it.


Keep an eye on your membership as your credits expire 365 days after the day you take it out if you don't use them. You didn't really expect to email us in 2018 and say "By the way I've got credits with you " did you? All great schemes expire. Still, great peace of mind for a small fee though, right?

 Kid tells Dad hes left something behind

Membership Payment Options

Yearly Subscription

You receive all the above great services for 3 separate losses in 12 months of taking out the membership. That's right. You can lose something anywhere 3 times in 12 months and if we trace the item, we will return it to you and you only pay £34:90 for the year.  A potential saving of £17:45


So if you're a little forgetful, unlucky, or if you are just so busy that you regularly misplace things then this is the deal for you.

Monthly Subscription

Alternatively, you could pay a monthly fee of £4:99 for the same service if you wish.


You need to have made 3 full monthly payments before qualifying for each credit.

Managing Your Subscriptions


Yearly and Monthly Membership subscriptons both involve recurring payments.


Yearly subscriptions will auto renew after 365 days and Monthly subscriptions will auto renew each calendar month.


If you wish to cancel your Monthly or Yearly subscriptions at any time, please contact us, so we can stop your recurring payments.