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  • Does your business, club or venue know the law regarding finding, storing, or disposing of lost property on your premises?


  • Is lost property taking up your valuable storage space?


  • Are you worried about legal responsibilities of dealing with lost property?


  • Do your staff know about responsibly of disposal?


  • Do your staff know the time limit to keep found goods?


  • Do your staff know what is "reasonable" in terms of tracing the lawful owner of lost property?


  • Is processing lost property taking up too much of your staff’s time?


Lady with too many lost property items

Our Lost Property Solutions for Business


If you are a business then your lawful obligations regarding being a finder are the same. You also have professional obligations too such as searching for the lawful owner and keeping the item safe and secure from theft and damage.


How many companies out there just throw a found mobile phone into a plastic boxwith "Lost/Found" written on it, make no effort to find the owner and just give it to staff after a week or two because the want shot of it from their office.


As "Staff" you don't have the lawful right to claim the property after a reasonable amount of time, imagine all those security guards or bar staff who'd have their own second hand phone shops because of the amount of phones they were getting handed. This is where we can help.


Reporting Items as Stolen

Many people report items such as mobile phones as stolen with police, thinking it will help their insurance claim. This is a myth and of course illegal. Naturally this can be done in error too so If we find that the item was reported stolen at your venue and we find it we will inform you and the local police and request that they consider removing the theft report and entering a "Lost" report instead which could have a positive effect on your business come licence renewal or insurance renewal time. This will also help reduce local crime figures. Win win.


Collection and Storage

We take possession of the items at your venue. Safely and securely seal and store them while we are there and list them. We then provide you with a receipt for the items. No more damage or loss to property rattling around In your office and no more disgruntled customers after their property. We will take over all the contact from losers making enquiries.


We will collect from your venue minimum once a week to free up your office space, give you peace of mind and increase the chances of finding the owner before they report the item Lost.


Let Us Take on the Legal Responsibilities for You

We will take on these legal responsibilities for you by taking "possession" of the items.  Much like some transport companies do. There, customers hand property in, they take it to the one stop shop for 3 months, before selling it at auction which is fine, but they make no attempts to trace the loser at all.


However, Lost Property solutions do try to trace the owner. Once a business gives us lost property we will take on all enquiries from losers to the point of repatriation. Saving your staff loads of time and saving your business’s storage space.


It's also suggested that property is immediately logged, sealed and locked away. No venues do that except for a few night clubs and many hotels and casinos because they have that mind-set. We will also post on our website and social media that your business or venue is practicing this method" if they wish.


Read more about the lawful obligations for businesses surrounding lost property.


Lost property items

Benefits to Business


  • Fulfilment of legal responsibilities.


  • Protect your business and staff from unwanted insurance claims.


  • Free up business or venue space.


  • Free up staff time liaising with lost property losers.


  • Better staff education and training.


  • Reduce staff theft.


  • Reduce damage of lost property.


  • Reduce loss of lost property items after staff possession.


  • Reduce irresponsible disposal of data.


  • Better customer satisfaction.


  • Fulfilment of legal requirements to trace owner.


  • Reassurance that your lost property items are kept safe and for correct period of time.


  • Your business has a record of your lost property.


  • Better public relations regarding lost property.

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