Terms of Business



Within these terms "Lost Property Solutions" will be refereed to as "Us", "We" or "Your agents". 


Within these terms the "Finder" means the person or persons who have notified us that they have found an item of property, or those acting on their behalf.


Within these terms the "Lawful owner" will be mentioned as such or as "Loser"


Within these terms the address of "You" "Your/s" "Their/s" will be taken in context in each circumstance 


Our Obligation

We have a professional and legal obligation to protect your property while we have it in our possession and during the repatriation process. As a security measure to help prevent against fraudulent claims we will in the majority of cases require proof of ownership and ID from you the loser before returning your item to you. For items which hold no apparent value we will only require ID. This will be decided by us on an individual basis


Proof of Ownership & ID

We accept any of the following as ID. A signed and current passport. A current photo card drivers licence. A bank, building society or Post Office cash card or credit card. A utility bill dated with in the last three months of repatriation. Other items of ID may be considered on an individual basis at our discretion.


These items can be scanned and emailed to us where we will securely erase them immediately once we verify your identity


Repatriation of Property


When collecting an item we will ask you to provide valid identification before we return your property to you. If you want someone else to receive your property for you we must have their name in advance along with your permission, they will need to provide a signed letter of authorisation for them to receive your property along with their own ID as above


Individual Finder

If you have found an item of somebody else's property then you have a legal obligation to make "Reasonable" efforts to trace the lawful owner. You must protect the property for a "Reasonable" period of time, usually between 28 days and a year depending on the item of property. You must also take care of the property like you would your own property. 


At Lost Property Solutions we can act on your behalf in relation to the above mentioned obligations. We have access to lost property data bases and will also use our website, Twitter, Facebook and other methods decided by us to make efforts to trace the lawful owner of the property


Depending on the value of the item, if we manage to repatriate the item to the lawful owner then you will be issued with a reward. You can chose to have this paid directly to you or one of our accredited worthwhile charities. We can also keep your reward as credit for you to accumulate and collect from us any time. This accumulative option requires a written request from you 28 days before we release the funds. The choice is yours


If the item is not restored to the lawful owner after a "Reasonable" amount of time then we can help you make a legal claim to the item of property depending on what it is


Upon passing possession of the item to us you agree that we will then decide of the outcome of the item in line with the terms detailed herein or if we don't hear back from you within 7 days of the "Reasonable" period of time elapses on which case we will dispose of the item by any means decided by us


Please write to us to request a list of items which we can not restore to finders


Businesses Which Find Property

As a business you also have a legal obligation to make "Reasonable" efforts to trace the lawful owner. You must protect the property for a "Reasonable" period of time, usually between 28 days and a year depending on the item of property. You must also take care of the property like you would your own property. 


You also have professional obligations including listing the item of property correctly and securely taking care of the property, protecting it from theft and damage to which you are liable


Staff members and businesses are not entitled to claim items of lost property due to their position of trust and our policy agrees with this 


We will act as your agent in relation to the above legal and professional obligations. 


Upon passing possession of the item to us you agree that we will then decide the outcome of the item in line with the terms detailed herein. 


If the item is to be disposed of by any means decided by us we will inform you. We will also inform you if the item has been repatriated to the lawful owner


If an item is reported lost or stolen to police we will inform the police of your co-operation and request that they consider the theft report which may be linked to your premises be shown as no crime occurring 


Disposal of Property

We will endeavour to trace the lawful owner of all property in our possession as listed herein. If the item of property is to be disposed of we will decide within the terms set out herein what will happen to the property. This may include being donated to one of our chosen worthwhile charities, being recycled, restored to the "Finder" or sold at auction. Funds generated by the sale of items will be used to pay for admin, courier collections services , storage fees including insurance, searches on other lost property sites and advertising & marketing of the item


Our Rights

While we make every efforts to adhere to the herein terms of business we reserve the right to change, delete or add to the herein terms at any time. These decisions will always be made available 7 days in advance on our website www.lostpropertysolutions.co.uk. Changes, omissions and additions will not effect the rights of those who already have a current agreement with us. We will always honour current existing agreements 


Privacy Policy

In order to be able to contact you as a finder, a lawful owner, a representative of a lawful owner, a business or any other party who we may need personal information from, we will safely securely hold your data for as long as the item of property is still outstanding for or for a period continuous in the case of businesses. 


We will never share or sell your details to any other agencies except in the cases of verifying ownership or claim history with insurance providers or brokers, the police or in the case of us finding your bank, building society, post office or other savings and investments companies to notify them of our find. This is applicable to the DVLA or your counties equivalent if we have found your drivers licence. This also applies your passport office or embassy if we have your passport or national ID in our possession. In the cases of all forms of ID listed here we will act on the instruction of the provider.


You can write to us by email with a PayPal payment of £10 if you require a written record of all the information we hold on you. We will send a written reply within 14 days of payment clearance.

For more information on how we collect your data and the cookies we use on this web site, please visit out Privacy Policy page.



Upon repatriation we charge the lawful owner, or their representative a fee to cover storage, courier collection and administration costs. This may also include a reward which is paid directly to the finder.


Our fees to act on behalf of a business is £25.00 per month with a weekly collection of property.

This includes logging the items, storage and any correspondence relating to the lawful owner or other agencies.



By handing possession of item/s listed to Lost Property Solutions you hereby relinquish possession of the item/s and agree that Lost Property Solutions shall act on your behalf to satisfy legal requirements to make efforts to trace the lawful owners of above item/s, to protect and store the above item/s responsibly and to dispose of in a manner deemed appropriate by Lost Property Solutions after a reasonable period of time as set in the Terms of business for Lost Property Solutions.




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